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    Smart Wifi And What It Can Do For You ?

    June 2, 2017

June 2, 2017

Smart Wifi And What It Can Do For You ?

Connexin Smart Wifi use the best in Fibre and Wireless technologies to build high capacity hybrid networks that support a range of services. Smart WiFi is one of the services that gives you the platform to digitise council services, capture data and interact with the public on a more personal level.The Smart WiFi will allow our Connexin City Cloud.


Here are some of our solutions we can achieve with by using Smart WiFi

Digitise Services

The challenge with moving services online is ensuring people have access. Our ubiquitous Public Wi-Fi allows people to access online services on the go.

Social Inclusion

Free public WiFi promotes social inclusion. It provides low income families or individuals without internet access at home a way to access online services in a much more cost effective way. Allowing local authorities
to move more services online.

BIG Data

Our analytics platform provides real-time customer data and insights. Collect and analyse information such as footfall, user numbers, age, gender, location, session duration and data usage and much more. This deeper level of analytics allows us to cater content and better understand users and trends.

Tourism & Events

Our high-speed public WiFi is designed to be flexible and can provide a great alternative to 3G and 4G in high footfall areas and at events.
Cities can track the movement and population of people in a particular area. We can work we planners for events who can use this data to gauge crowd densities to understand how many people are visiting concessions, how long the queue for the toilet is and how many people are arriving or leaving and by what means.


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