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    Connexin SMART Mobility Solution

    June 19, 2017

June 19, 2017

Connexin SMART Mobility Solution

Connexin Mobility solution monitors a range of sensors on key transport routes in cities to measure traffic metrics such as flow, the number of vehicles and number of occupants per vehicle to provide visibility of live traffic conditions and real-time management. The solution provides insight into urban traffic patterns so that traffic authorities can make better decisions and long-term plans


City Benefits

Efficient traffic flow means less pollution and other environmental impacts. It also allows cities to better manage their investment on new infrastructure through better visibility of traffic condition reports.

Transport Department Benefits

Automated incident or accident detection means quicker response time for transport departments or emergency services. The solution also allows transport department to better manage is resources to provide greater services to the city.

Drivers Benefits

Drivers can get to places quicker and more efficiently which reduces road congestion, air pollution and fuel costs. All these add to improved road safety and driving/commuting experiences.

With SMART mobility and SMART parking solution, Connexin are wanting to improve traffic flow, lower roadside incidents, and get a centralised view of highway systems.


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